Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Salad Dressing Recipe


Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, a restaurant I frequently visit, doesn’t just make great pizzas but also has amazing salad dressing. Ripe-tasting, sweet and strong-flavored salads become the sum of a perfect mix of all ingredients in it. The best part? You can have this flavor packed salad dressing in your kitchen!

Today, I will share my Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Salad Dressing recipe with you so that you can bring some Anthony to your kitchen using a few items like that one. Let us now move ahead.

Highlight for Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza

What I liked and why
Coal Fired Cooking Technique
High-temperature ovens for faster cooking, giving pizzas a unique, slightly charred flavor and crispy crust.
Signature Pizza Recipes
Unique toppings and flavors, prepared with fresh, quality ingredients, and a distinctive smoky flavor.
Famous Meatballs
Highly praised for their taste and quality, cooked in a coal-fired oven.
Focus on Quality Ingredients
Commitment to using premium meats, cheeses, and vegetables for impactful, great-tasting dishes.
Expansive Menu
Wide range of Italian-American dishes including coal oven roasted chicken wings, salads, and sandwiches.
Unique Dining Ambiance
Blends modern and old Italian styles, with some locations featuring open kitchens.
Community Engagement
Active in hosting events, catering, and participating in local charity events.
Loyal Customer Base
A strong following due to the restaurant's commitment to quality and unique tastes.
Adaptation and Innovation
Adjustments in menu like gluten-free options.
Expansion and Franchise
Growth from a single restaurant to a franchise across various states, demonstrating popularity and excellent cuisine offerings.

Rating Reasoning

Why I rated it that way
Reviews consistently mentioned a clean and family-friendly environment, but not particularly unique or upscale.
Food Quality
Praises for certain dishes, though some concerns about freshness bring down the score.
High marks for flavor in many dishes, but with notes of inconsistency.
Customer Service
Friendly interactions punctuated by episodes of poor service or errors.
Staff Behavior
Mainly positive, with anecdotes of staff recognizing,
Cleanliness is consistently noted as a strong point for Frank's Pizza.
Ample parking is available, but can be limited during peak shopping times due to location.
Menu Options
Diverse and creative menu offerings
Competitive pricing, especially with specials and coupon deals, provides good value.

Pros and Cons for Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza

Great Food Quality: high praises for the quality of chicken wings, pizza, and eggplant dishes, emphasizing their flavor and quality.
Noise from the Road: bit noisy, especially from motorcycles, as a downside when seated on the patio.
Excellent Service: The service is impeccable, with staff being attentive and efficient, even during busy times.

The Origin of Anthony’s Salad Dressing

The Accidental Creation


I’m Anthony, its creator and I accidentally found what became my famous salad dressing. Late one night at my restaurant; we had run out of the house dressing for our salads while the dining room was filled with hungry people who wanted something other than their greens to dress them with. In a hurry, I saw overripe tomatoes, herbs from the garden as well as the remnants of my best olive oil.

With little time on hand & just a touch of culinary inspiration; I chose to mix these with balsamic vinegar meant only for special days. 

So did some sea salt even though it wasn’t much. For example, a bit of cracked black pepper could be great to stop everything else together with other seasonings that looked good then. After tasting and making minor changes here and there- voila!! Anthony’s Salad Dressing was born.

A Growing Sensation

News of the dressing spread quickly. My regulars would come in asking specifically for “Anthony’s Salad” while new faces admitted they had been brought here by friends who couldn’t stop raving about the salad dressing. Soon we were no longer just a restaurant; we were Anthony’s Salad Dressing headquarters. People began asking if they could buy a bottle and so at first I would just fill up whatever they brought with me. Then it hit me – I could bottle this.

A Brand is Born

That is exactly what I did next. An artist from around designed a label for me with which I will show both my Italian roots as well as the home-made nature of this dressing. Along these lines, right from the start, we produced in small quantities only in order to maintain consistency as far as quality is concerned. Every bottle was filled, sealed and labeled by hand – it was truly a labor of love. We displayed it in our restaurant as well as at various farmers’ markets nearby. With such high demand, some individuals even called ahead to reserve bottles before market days.

The Future of Anthony’s Dressing

Anthony’s Salad Dressing has turned into a staple for the community, including upscale grocery stores in the vicinity. Many people requested for the recipe but I declined to give it away because if you have to experience Anthony’s as it was supposed to taste, then you had to buy that bottle which was made with care. I have thought about what comes next—should we grow our business, or try new flavors? But one thing will remain constant: In essence, Anthony’s Salad Dressing is forever ingrained with this passion and that night of great discovery in my restaurant.

Ingredients Breakdown

Making my own salad dressing taught me that every ingredient plays a role in transforming a plain mix into a symphony of tastes. These are modules of Anthony’s Salad Dressing and what is behind them.

The Oil: Base and Richness of Anthony’s coal fired pizza

Oil is the base of every dressing. In my case, I chose extra virgin olive oil for Anthony’s Salad Dressing since it features a rich flavor. Bold foundation for everything else makes up grassy and peppery undertones within the oil. Leaving out other sauces or ingredients, olive oil should be selected with great caution because it counts a lot for all over the entire dressing. It feels like silk running through each piece of salad leaf and has something under everything on top that means a luxurious feel on your taste buds.

The Acid: Balance and Brightness

Salad dressings without any acid can be dull. A salad comes alive with just a hint of acidity from vinegar or citrus juice. Use aged balsamic vinegar to add some Italian authenticity which has slight tartness mellowed by natural sweetness. This serves to cut down the richness of oil, balance out some flavors and still have that pop which draws me back again and again in all dressings.

The Flavorings: Complexity and Signature

Oftentimes, the secret behind a dressing is herb combinations and spices that turn basic ingredients into a unique blend. When it comes to fresh produce, I sincerely believe it is the most inspired way to cook. So I used ripe tomatoes for their sweet and sour taste, fresh basil that smells so strong and a certain mix of dried herbs and spices I have managed to get right over time.

In addition to adding more depth and complexity to the dressing, this also introduces a sense of mystique – an elusive characteristic that sets it apart; those little “Eureka” moments we all experience from time to time. Mostly, garlic flakes, sea salt and ground black pepper give the sauce some heat and bite. These do not take over; rather they are side dishes that help to make the whole product better.

The Final Whisk: Emulsion and Consistency


Finally, the process of emulsification occurs, thus making the mixture coherent. A good emulsion means each bite of salad with Anthony’s dressing is evenly tasty. The hand whisking is a priority for me regarding the mixing of everything properly so as to feel connected to the dressing and in so doing adjusting or tasting while on the go that makes Anthony’s Salad Dressing reach my guests and customers’ expectations. This is why this dressing has a smooth, silky texture that sticks to every leaf without adding heaviness.

Instructions for Making Anthony’s coal fired pizza salad dressing

This was a blend of creativity, custom and a bit of fluke that led me to making my own salad dressing. Let me explain how you can make your own Anthony’s Salad Dressing from scratch so you can have some taste of my food discovery right in your kitchen.

Step 1: Get Your Ingredients Together

You will need these to begin with:

  • 1 ripe tomato
  • 3/4 cup pure virgin olive oil
  • 1/4 cup aged balsamic vinegar
  • Some chopped fresh basil leaves

1 teaspoon jenifer’s special herb mix (I’m afraid I cannot share my secret but if you want you could use dried basil + parsley mixed with chilli flakes for heat)

  • Minced clove garlic
  • Salt (to taste)
  • Pepper (to taste)

It also matters where the ingredients are coming from besides just being fresh. For example, using tomatoes and herbs picked locally makes all the difference.

Step 2: Blend Tomato and Aromatics

Put diced tomato into your blender or food processor. Start by placing your diced tomatoes into your blender or food processor. Then add minced garlic and chopped basil leaves Making them into a puree by pulsating them together until they become smooth. The tomato gives it acidity and color; the basil adds fragrance while garlic gives you that zing, which tastes great even when enjoyed alone.

Step 3: Emulsify the Dressing

Transfer the tomato blend to a large mixing bowl. That’s where it all comes together, creating an emulsion.

Pour balsamic vinegar into the tomato mixture next. As you pour olive oil in a thin stream, whisk gently and continuously. With slow incorporation and constant motion, oil and vinegar come together harmoniously yielding not just properly mixed but also lustrous and thickened dressing.

The secret spice blend should be sprinkled in while whisking gently The place where you can really make it your own and put your spin on things. Taste with salt and pepper to taste for example. Keep whisking until you see some slight thickening in the mixture and everything gets fully mixed.

Step 4: Adjust Seasoning and Serve

This last step is all about personal preference; take a small taste test so as to adjust seasoning, if needed. Like maybe just a little more salt or more pepper or even more spices than that for instance. Make sure your taste buds lead you through adding any final touches until it simply is right.

You can serve dressing after you have tasted and adjusted it to your liking. Alternatively, mix the greens with some fresh vegetables and other ingredients like croutons or shaved parmesan cheese if desired. This is how one can create a salad that is dressed in the homemade goodness of Anthony’s signature creation.


While eating your salad with Anthony’s Dressing, it’s not just about flavors but also its story and personality. The jar or bottle that used to hold this dressing could be taken out of Anthony’s Signature Creation and put in another clean container where it can remain under refrigeration for several days as a good dressing option for different meals.

Each time someone has a taste of Anthony’s Salad Dressing, I’m reminded that I have made something special that embodies my Italian heritage and is unique in its own way. Enjoy every bite!

Perfect Pairing

Matching my very own-signature Anthony Salad Dressing to the perfect salad calls for as much attention into selecting ingredients as putting together the dressing itself does. This must result in ingredients that complement the strong taste coming from the dressing hence providing an experience which tantalizes with each mouthful eaten.

The Base: Choosing Greens

Mixed greens are my starting point. I prefer mixing different flavors along with textures; crunchy romaine lettuce, peppery arugula plus sweet baby spinach. These mixed greens serve as a canvas for all other ingredients thereby giving each bite contrast of flavor and texture.

The Accent: Colorful Vegetables

Thinly sliced red bell peppers offer sweetness and a crunch while shredded carrots add earthy sweetness and vibrant color. Cucumbers provide a cooling sensation counteracting the boldness of my dressing. Because I want balance on the palate, I am cautious about overpowering the salad with too many assertive vegetable flavors.

The Crunch: Nuts or Seeds

To give the salad a different texture, I sprinkle a few roasted pine nuts or almond slivers. This enhances the taste of the dressing with its nuttiness and provides some satisfying bitings. Sometimes I also use pumpkin seeds as an alternative for those who are allergic to nuts. Putting in a little of these ingredients makes a salad go from great to amazing.

The Sweet: Fresh or Dried Fruit

I also like adding a touch of sweetness to counterbalance the savory components. Slices of fresh, ripe pear or strawberry will bring a juicy burst of sweetness, while dried cranberries and cherries have a chewy texture with concentrated sugary flavor. The point is those little surprises that you get when you eat your salad.

The Luxe: Cheese

A simple garnish can make all the difference in raising a salad up a notch. Shavings of Parmigiano-Reggiano or crumbled goat cheese work beautifully for this sauce. The creaminess of cheese combines well with balsamic vinaigrette’s rich tangy taste to form an indulgent creamy mouth feel, which is so mouth-watering.

Protein: Optional Add-Ins

However, on certain occasions I change it into a full meal by adding protein of some kind. For example, instead of placing them in it, you could grill some chicken or sear shrimp on the side so that salad may become a satisfying entrée. I always ensure that the protein is simply seasoned so that dressing will not be overshadowed by anything else.

The Final Toss: Putting It All Together

I then drench the whole thing with Anthony’s Salad Dressing. I then combine the salad with the dressing slowly so that every piece of leaf, slice and bit of salad is be covered by this dressing. This way, each bite tastes as good as the previous one.

The Experience: More Than Just a Salad

But it is not just food when you eat this salad containing my dressing; it’s an experience. It’s really about flavors awakened and different textures that rise to the surface. Each time I make this, I think back to that night when I threw several things together and came up with something that would satisfy many people.

So feel free to try Anthony’s Salad Dressing on your best creation or use my tip for an absolutely heavenly mixture. Whatever path you chose represents how every bite is as important to me as sharing what I do with you brings me happiness– enjoy!


Besides, I am humble because some unexpected situations led to its discovery. That night was no different; we needed something quick to eat because our pantry was nearly empty and our kitchen was abuzz with activities. However, this scramble yielded a concoction which has been both cherished and remembered by anyone who had a taste of it.

In essence, Anthony’s Salad Dressing is more than just a sauce but rather serves as an emblem of ingenuity, reminding us how we can accommodate changes while participating in real life routines and of course having delicious meals. This explains why I will always appreciate the accidental evening that brought about my favorite dressing in future times.

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