Antonious Pizza Redlands CA: A Haven for Pizza Lovers


In the heartland of Redlands, California, I have discovered an exceptional pizza joint among the many others I can brag about—Antonious Pizza. For me, a devoted foodie, this enchanting place has become a stronghold of unique pizza experiences where one can find distinctive flavors and also personable service that all blend in together to form a warm cheese-filled haven.

Each slice boasts an orchestra of tastes with the right mix of piquant tomato sauce, gooey melted cheese and crust whose consistency strikes the perfect balance between being crumbly and being doughy. The menu itself is a work of art and it offers toppings that would suit any tastes from pepperoni traditionalists to adventurous souls looking for something different.

Restaurant Highlights

What I liked
Consistently great pizza with fresh ingredients; various types like fiesta pizza and party-sized pizzas are mentioned.
Friendly staff, mom-and-pop atmosphere; some reports of long waits and occasional service issues.
Affordable pricing, with most people mentioning to me good value for the size and quality of the pizzas.
Unique Offerings
Large pizza sizes (like 28" party pizza), customizable options, and additional items like salads and lasagnas.
Overall Experience
Mostly positive with a strong local customer base; a few mixed experiences regarding wait times and order accuracy.

Must try dishes at antonious pizza

Must try Dishes
Notable Features
Generous ingredients, flavorful symphony of tastes, a feast for adventurous souls.
Piquant tomato sauce, gooey melted cheese, crispy and doughy crust, variety of adventurous toppings.
Meat Pizza
Carnivorous symphony, a delightful experience for meat lovers.
Rich tomato sauce, a blend of assorted meats, gooey mozzarella, and the perfect crust.
Hawaiian Pizza
Tropical ballet in every bite, a unique and refreshing flavor profile.
Ham, pineapple, tomato sauce, mozzarella, and a balanced crust.
Pepperoni Pizza
Timeless classic, nostalgic flavor that resonates with fond memories.
Abundant pepperoni slices, traditional tomato sauce, melted mozzarella, and a classic crust.
Garlic Bread
Crispy prelude, a flavorful appetizer stimulating the taste buds.
Freshly baked bread, garlic-infused butter, and a sprinkle of herbs.
28" Party Pizza
Central in joyous group meetings, an enormous pizza for special occasions.
Customizable toppings, massive size, perfect balance of crust, sauce, and cheese.
Margherita Pizza
Plain and delicious, a timeless classic that highlights quality ingredients.
Fresh tomato slices, basil, mozzarella, and a simple yet flavorful tomato sauce on a crispy crust.
Varied menu offering, a hearty and satisfying non-pizza option.
Layers of pasta, rich meat sauce, creamy béchamel, and melted cheese baked to perfection.

Rating Reason

Reason for my rating
Consistently delivers great taste with fresh ingredients, offering a diverse range of flavors for various preferences. From traditional to adventurous, the pizza caters to a wide audience.
Generally friendly staff contributes to a welcoming mom-and-pop atmosphere. However, occasional reports of long waits and service issues slightly impact the rating.
Offers affordable pricing, and this highlight good value for the size and quality of pizzas, contributing positively to the overall experience.
Unique Offerings
Stands out with large pizza sizes, customizable options, and a varied menu, including salads and lasagnas. Provides customers with diverse and unique choices, enhancing the overall dining experience.
Overall Experience
Mostly positive with a strong local customer base, reflecting a successful establishment. However, a few mixed experiences regarding wait times and order accuracy slightly lower the overall rating.

Pros and Cons

High Ratings: Antonious Pizza has received favorable opinions from people like me with ratings around 4.1 to 4.3 stars, indicating general customer satisfaction​​​​.
Limited Seating: Some people told me its like "hole-in-the-wall" place with a few tables and chairs, suggesting limited dine-in options​​.
Quality Pizza: In my experience their attitude highlight the great taste of the pizza, indicating a positive culinary experience​​​​.
No Information on Decor or Ambiance: There is little to no information about the restaurant's decor or ambiance, which might be a consideration for some diners.
Fresh and Delicious Food:The pizza is made fresh, the environment is clean, and the food, in general, is delicious​​.
Parking and Accessibility Not Detailed: There's no specific information about parking convenience or accessibility for those with mobility challenges.
Good for Takeout: The restaurant offers takeout and delivery options, making it convenient for those who prefer to eat at home​​.

The Delicious Smell

The moment you enter Antonious Pizza, its fragrance offering you nothing but a beautiful culinary experience awaits you. The atmosphere inside oozes warmth providing an ideal environment for enjoying carefully prepared pizzas like no other.

One cannot mention Antonious Pizza without noting their commitment to quality ingredients. The slice is representative of tradition doused in some sort of secret sauce made by grandmothers handed down generations. This hidden oasis expresses the values of family ties intertwined with what makes great food possible; to put it simply, here meals are more than consumption—they are flavorful symphonies which come from within the heart.

A Slice Above: The antonious pizza redlands ca Experience


The Backstory

While taking a stroll across charming streets in Redlands, Antonious Pizza stands out as a place where I am welcomed through its warm embrace—a sheltered haven amidst generic choices. This is not your typical franchised chain; rather it is a close-knit family affair shunning impersonal corporate franchises in favor of community-based values. It’s not making pizzas; it’s a culinary concert performed with love by members of their own families at Antonious.The secret sauce that’s a family tradition covers each slice and the sauce is only known to the family who has protected it through generations. This sheltered oasis brings together the elements of a family, society, and tasty meals for an experience that moves beyond eating—it is a savory celebration of love.

The Flavorful Ensemble

Antonious Pizza

Besides, Meat Pizza calls out to me incessantly with its carnivorous symphony on my taste buds as I continue my food adventure. The Hawaiian Pizza on the other hand conducts a tropical ballet in every bite.

Nostalgia reaches out to embrace me with timeless Pepperoni—my fondly treasured days are brought back. In this medley of flavors, golden Garlic Bread emerges as a crispy prelude that stimulates my taste buds for the impending sumptuous banquet—that unforgettable moment in my culinary journey.

The Customer's Echo


Upon entering Antonious Pizza, a smoky scent from cheese and newly baked dough fills the air. The familiar din of conversations among regulars makes for an inviting melody, putting me at ease immediately. What matters most about their ambiance is not just how delicious their pizza is but the community they have managed to build within these walls.

A look around reveals that Antonious Pizza goes beyond being just another place to grab a slice; it is home to so many people away from home. Worn-out booths whisper stories of shared happiness and multiple memories made over pieces of their famous pizza. Moreover, pictures of smiling customers on walls or little cards with expressions of gratitude written by them give it a personal touch altogether.

The prior assessments I had read about this place seem to summarize the establishment well. Undoubtedly, the plaudits for their pizza’s quality are justified. It is a combination of crispy crust, delicious tomato sauce and gooey mozzarella that makes every bite enjoyable. Indeed, this is evidenced by the way they have dedicated themselves to their craft as demonstrated by the flavors of their food.

The staff which has often been described as friendly by locals to me and does live up to its reputation. One of them leads me with a genuine smile to one of the tables, making me feel part of Antonious family. Their meticulousness is a demonstration that customers come first.

Just as with any other crowded restaurant, some reviewers have mentioned long waiting hours. However, rather than inefficiency it seems like part of what occurs when an eatery becomes too popular for comfort. It speaks volumes about how much Antonious Pizza is loved if people are willing to wait so many minutes to eat there and how much people love Ray’s creation.

The long wait at last becomes part of the experience allowing for greater time within which to soak in a cozy atmosphere and maybe even start new conversations with pizza loving brotherhoods. At Antonious Pizza you aren’t just filling your stomach; it’s about indulging into culinary voyage and joining a community with great love for excellent pizzas and warmth.

A Moment in Time: My Personal Account

Antonious Pizza

To me, Antonious Pizza is more than just another pizzeria; it represents cherished moments in my life as well as an eternal source of happiness and comfort. The tremendous 28″ party pizza has been central in numerous joyous group meetings. These memories comprise laughter, unity among friends who share slices together.

However, it’s not just big parties that matter at times like these. My trips alone down to Antonious Pizza have been equally magical ones with single slices meticulously crafted and bursting forth with flavors that take me to a state of bliss. Whenever I see it, I can’t help but smile.

Community building

The community sentimentality is what set Antonious Pizza apart. For instance, Koko J’s recognition of his filling meals after Thanksgiving takes me right back home. It is a celebration after the holiday season propelled by delectable offerings from Antonious Pizza that makes me wait.

Secondly, there is John Limon, another customer who, like myself, has been loyal for over two decades. His unwavering dedication for Antonious Pizza speaks for itself concerning the timeless taste and overall quality of their pizzas. It’s also comforting to know that my love for this foodstuff is shared by others.

What will you get at antonious pizza redlands ca?

Every bite of Antonious Pizza contains both nuance and quality in it, something which goes far beyond individual experience. Here, local people like Koko J and John Limon have traveled together as each one of us has added to the fabric of stories making Antonious pizza part and parcel of our lives. In the process of eating their food and reminiscing about it later on, Antonious Pizza remains an important chapter in my personal narrative: a fusion between quality and nostalgia where every bite is a journey worth taking in.

Yes, it’s not just the food that separates Antonious Pizza from the others, but the original atmosphere and excellent service. The hustle-bustle of friendly staff members and cozy environment of a mom-and-pop restaurant contribute to creating a truly authentic dining experience.

Rich Offering

Let’s not bypass the menu – an amazing collection of mouth-watering suggestions like Fiesta Pizza with generous ingredients or Margherita, plain and delicious. Every recommendation arouses curiosity, guarantees satisfaction and is made fresh to order.

Common Linkages

When you come to Antonious Pizza, you can feel that it is in the community that the place takes pride; owners’ interaction with clients is proof of this. This symbiotic relationship between people gravitating towards quality food and warmth within a pizza establishment can be called love.

Authenticity Reflected

At Antonious Pizza, we defy the homogeneity of franchise giants. Our safe haven is for those seeking refuge from mediocrity in an authentic world. Each pizza is not only a course but an artistry done with an uncommon attention to details which cannot be mass-produced.

More than just cash transactions occur here; what happens is one investing in an experience cherished by nobody else but me who has created it. You are invited to take pleasure in intense tastes, appreciate real craftsmanship and enjoy culinary escape which only Antonious Pizza can afford you right at the core of our sole proprietorship.

A Salute To Tradition

As I exit from the culinary stage, let me turn back once more to Antonious Pizza in Redlands, CA – not just another pizzeria as many would think about it. It stands against time-honored traditions by maintaining quality and staying connected, growing into becoming a living presence in a vibrant community setting. Whether one pizza lunatic to another or first timers into this realm of delicacies I suggest venturing into Antonious and find much more than a tasty meal. Be prepared for an immersive experience that captures the very essence of Redlands’ small town charm.

Antonious Pizza is not just a place to eat, it is a journey into the heart of culinary heritage where every slice speaks volumes and every topping is indicative of striving for excellence. In each bite, it becomes an orchestra of flavors expertly tuned.

Nothing special about Antonious really except when you enter through the door everything changes. The walls echo with local conversations and laughter; this has become their second home. It’s not just another ordinary dining place as it is filled with warmth from the staff and the smell of newly baked crusts.

Few words about Antonious Pizza in Redlands, CA

Oh, Antonious Pizza in Redlands, CA – our community’s heart and source of the most delicious pizza in town! Let me share my own journey with this family-owned secret that has become part and parcel of my Redlands story.

The first time I entered Antonious Pizza, I felt a unique sense of warmth and community. Beyond just being a meal, all these add up to an experience that is more than a meal.

One Friday night at Antonious Pizza remains one of my most cherished memories. The air was filled with the cheerful noise of people who were families, friends, and residents indulging in the tantalizing flavors that have been mastered over many years by Antonious. This was a true reflection of what makes this place a hub for communities where people do not come together for the delicious pizza alone but also for the brotherhood it creates.


Antonious Pizza’s menu is literally a food journey. Every slice of classic Margherita and fancy specialty pies narrates a tale of love and devotion. It is not only the scrumptious toppings or the crust that is perfectly crispy which differentiates Antonious but rather the love and care that goes into every single creation; thereby making each visit very memorable.

Besides, there are other community-based initiatives that Antonious Pizza prides in. It does not only sponsor little league teams, support local events or simply offer its space as a meeting point; instead it operates beyond a pizzeria since it embodies Redlands’ communal spirit.

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