Atown Pizza San Ramon: The Perfect Pizza & Kabob House

Atown Pizza Restaurant

Atown Pizza San Ramon is a cherished local pizza place that offers a good mixture of pies and other Italian classics to the community of San Ramon and beyond. A family business since 1989, Atown Pizza has become a top spot for pizza lovers across the Bay Area.

Atown Pizza pursues to replicate the authentic atmosphere of a pizzeria in San Ramon and its neighboring cities by providing a warm and welcoming ambiance, using quality ingredients, and having a diverse menu.

What I have to say
Great Service
Good service with good greetings, felt friendly
Diverse Menu
Offers a wide range of cuisines including Afghani, Indian, and traditional pizza.
Speciality Dishes
Notable for Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza, Paneer Pizza, and Halal options.
Friendly Staff
Staff behavior is as friendly and courteous.
Quality and Taste
High marks for the taste and quality of food, especially pizzas and kabobs.

Must Try

Must Try Delicacy
What's in it
Notable Features
Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza
Spiced chicken tikka masala spread over pizza dough with cheese and toppings.
Fusion of Indian flavors with classic pizza.
Paneer Pizza
Indian paneer cheese with spices, vegetables on pizza dough.
Vegetarian option with rich Indian spices.
Afghani Cuisine
Traditional Afghani dishes, possibly including kabobs and bolani.
Authentic flavors and traditional cooking methods.
Lamb Chops
Grilled lamb chops seasoned with herbs and spices.
Tender meat with aromatic seasoning.
Mixed Grill
A combination of grilled meats, possibly including chicken kabab and lamb.
Variety of meats to sample different flavors.
Beef Pepperoni Halal Pizza
Halal beef pepperoni on pizza dough with cheese and sauce.
Halal option for those following dietary restrictions.
Lemon Pepper Wings
Chicken wings seasoned with lemon pepper spice mix, baked or fried.
Zesty and tangy flavor profile.


Why did I gave these ratings?
It is cozy and good for families, but limited detail on overall ambiance.
Food Quality
Maintains good quality with fresh ingredients, especially for specialty items.
Specific dishes taste very good and delicious.
Customer Service
Fast service with friendly staff; few specifics on speed or efficiency.
Staff Behaviour
Staff are friendly, courteous, and accommodating.
Well maintained and hygine.
Good safe parking, but difficult to get parking in peak hours.
Menu Options
Includes unique offerings like Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza.
Pricing Options
Affordable, but some pizza’s overpriced and I suggest for improvement.

Pros and Cons of Atown Pizza San Ramon

Authentic old-school Italian charm and decor
Limited parking in the small lot
Thin, crispy brick oven pizza crust
Can get crowded and noisy during rush times
High-quality ingredients in sauces, dough, toppings
Limited gluten-free and vegan options on menu
Specialty pizzas like Pesto Chicken are creative and delicious
No reservations for smaller groups
Extensive catering menu for events
Delivery minimum limits delivery options
Loyal staff provides excellent customer service
Some inconsistencies due to high takeout volume
Convenient online ordering and delivery
Decor and facilities are a bit dated
Rewards program encourages repeat visits
Not open very late on weekends
Affordable pricing attracts families
Limited options for fine dining experience

Background of Atown Pizza San Ramon

In 1989, a pizzeria named Atown Pizza was opened in downtown San Ramon. This was started by two Italian immigrants, who are brothers named Nicola and Roberto Bianco with the aim of sharing their family recipes as well as their love for authentic pizzas with their local neighborhood.

Through the years, Atown has grown into one of the leading restaurants in San Ramon for over 30 years now. Initially, it was just a small shop with few tables but now it’s a full-service restaurant with a busy takeout business; nevertheless, it still remains a family-owned establishment as before.

Unique features that set it apart

While the number of pizzerias has increased rapidly over time, Atown remains committed to quality, tradition, and service which makes them unique among others. There are some key features that differentiate Atown from other places like.

Mission and values of A-town Pizza

A-town Pizza aims at preserving Italian tradition in food, family, and community. They have a mission of

  • Making high-quality food prepared with dedication and good ingredients
  • Enabling clients to experience great service through hospitable staff members
  • Organizing nice pizza meals as well as Italian cuisine for people to gather together
  • Helping out the local society as a small business person
  • Preserving age-old family formulas and cooking techniques for generations to come

These principles are behind every pizza pie and dish of pasta done in A-town’s kitchen.

What’s In The Menu?

A-town Pizza offers an expansive menu that caters to all tastes; from traditional pizzas to pastas, salads, subs, etc.

Extensive pizza options

Being a pizzeria primarily, A-town does not joke with its range of pizzas. This includes:

  • Classics: Cheese, pepperoni, veggie, meat lover, etc., these pizzas fall under the conventional category with their marinara sauce provided by A-town itself and dough too.
  • Signature pies: These are special kinds of pizzas which include Pesto Chicken Pizza that is topped with pesto sauce, breaded chicken strips spinach tomatoes, and feta cheese.
  • Build your own: More than 30 toppings can be used to make your own world-class pizza.
  • Gourmet selections: More daring specialty pizzas such as BBQ Chicken Bacon containing tangy BBQ sauce, chicken bacon, red onions cheddar cheese

Thin or thick crust:

Choose between the thin, crispy brick oven-baked crust or a chewier, more substantial, thick crust.


In order to safely make gluten-free pizza, Atown has gluten-free crust and pans that are dented.

Extensive pizza options

Exploring pasta and side dish offerings,

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