Discovering the Delights of 2nd Poquonock Pizza


Today I visited an Italian restaurant hidden in the cute village of Poquonock, 2nd Poquonock Pizza, a family-owned and run for more than two decades. For over twenty years now, their little eatery combines hometown flair with great taste.

They make pizza loaded with toppings, pasta swimming in sauce, etc all made through recipes that are old as time and fresh ingredients only. Starting from the warm atmosphere to the friendly service you get from the staff, eating at 2nd Poquonock Pizza is like having a home-cooked meal with family.

The menu was really great as it had everything I had come to expect and then some from an authentic Italian eatery. The second reason why this modest place is worthy of attention is its delicious food and wonderful environment.


About 2nd Poquonock Pizza

With more than three decades since its foundation, 2nd Poquonock Pizza has earned its fair share of love among food lovers. They take their customers on a gastronomic journey like no other, thanks to their commitment to quality.

A number of factors make 2nd Poquonock Pizza so special. While pizza and grinder are specialties here, the entire menu is literally packed with mouth-watering dishes. It is a blend of American and Italian cuisines, think white clam pizza to BBQ chicken grinder to gyros; not your average spot for classic food lovers!

Popular Meals

One dish that keeps tickling people’s taste buds is the “Famous Heated Combo Grinder.” This was introduced in the eighties and has remained a favorite ever since then. People travel far just to visit Connecticut for this renowned sandwich that is frequented by ordinary clients.

This restaurant’s menu goes beyond its star dish the Famous Heated Combo Grinder. Other hits include chicken with potato wedges and meatball grinder, both of which are served with a lot of style. The menu is so nicely done that customers keep coming back over and over again to have their favorite meal or try a new one.


What I have to say


Repeated praise for the grinders, especially the heated Combo grinder, with special mentions since the 1980s.

Generous Portions

The size of the servings, particularly the grinders, is noted as being very generous.

Fresh Food

The food, including pasta and fried chicken, is frequently described as fresh and delicious.

Customer Service

The staff and owner are noted for being nice, friendly, and providing a warm welcoming.


Positive mention of the family that runs the establishment, adding a personal touch to the dining experience.

Fried Chicken

Highlighted as absolutely delicious and a must-try item on the menu.


Although the place is described as small and old, it has a charm that appeals to customers.

Historical Significance

Owned by a Vietnam veteran and war hero, adding an element of history and character to the establishment.

Experience the Signature Dishes at 2nd Poquonock Pizza

2nd Poquonock Pizza offers a food experience like no other. Every dish on the list narrates its own story – tradition, modernity, and pure gastronomic excellence.

Grinder Selection based on ingredient

I commenced my study on Grinders Pizza by dipping into their famous giant grinder selection. Taste the cherry on top of this particular cake. Their Famous Heated Combo Grinder exudes exquisite flavors of ingredients that are chosen carefully. Grinders are personal things therefore, they can be enjoyed by everyone.

Pizza: An Artistic Expression

To explore the numerous pizza choices available there, I used my culinary senses. With traditional and experimental pizza pleasingly bringing together flavors in a balance where savory meets slightly sweet in every bite, it was a feast for the senses. It’s a timeless delicacy when satisfyingly crunchy crusts bundle luscious tomato sauces, melted cheese, and select toppings.


Greek Dishes: Truly Scrumptious

What is a celebration without some bit of tradition? I took tastes from their Greek dishes section. Their menu choices hit at classic recipes’ authenticity while underscoring further culinary diversity at 2nd Poquonock Pizza.

What the customers will experience when eating there is that it has a menu that stands for something about the restaurant; they are consistent in both taste and quality of their food. The little subtleties in dishes as delightful as grinder and pizza that have claimed the spotlight, though, are not ignored. In short, every dish served here is meant to be an unsurpassed dining experience.

However, when it comes to the 2nd Poquonock Pizza gastronomic journey, this is just the beginning of it all because once they eat there, they can never leave again. Join us now to begin your savory journey!

Must Try Delicacies At 2nd Poquonock Pizza

Dishes you can’t miss out on!


What’s In It

Combo Grinder

Renowned for being the best, a staple since the 80s.

Cold cuts, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, condiments

Chicken Parm Grinder

Noted for its size, though some found it dry.

Breaded chicken, marinara sauce, cheese

Fried Chicken

Highly praised as absolutely delicious.

Seasoned and breaded chicken, deep-fried


Good reviews for taste.

Sliced gyro meat, tzatziki, onions, tomatoes, pita


A solid choice with fresh ingredients.

Various toppings, cheese, pizza sauce

Eggplant Grinder

Best eggplant grinder, indicating a well-loved item.

Breaded eggplant, marinara sauce, cheese

Pastrami Grinder

The pastrami is considered some of the best around.

Pastrami, mustard, pickles, rye or roll

Meatball Grinder

Touted as the best meatball grinder period.

Meatballs, marinara sauce, melted cheese

Roast Beef Grinder

Noted as a must-try.

Roast beef, cheese, and desired toppings

Pasta Dishes

Received positive feedback for their authentic taste.

Various pastas with sauces and toppings

Philly Cheesesteaks

Great reviews for their cheesesteaks.

Sliced beef, cheese, onions, peppers

Jojo Potatoes

A favorite side, well-liked for their taste.

Potato wedges, seasoned and fried

Why 2nd Poquonock Stands Out

Nothing compares to what regulars feel about 2nd Poquonock Pizza. Their reputation goes beyond state borders even earning them respect from motorists and lorry drivers who pass through the area. The best thing that keeps them going at the number one spot to date is their consistency in delivering true-to-itself top-standard meals that are accompanied by a relaxed mood.

Menu’s Unsung Heroes

2nd Poquonock Pizza, however, offers so much more than just a grinder and other foods that keep people coming back for more. A Margherita pizza, chicken and potato wedges or an Italian meatball grinder is all that you will need. Each of these dishes tells a story all by itself, with its very own distinct flavors to enjoy.

Culinary Stories at 2nd Poquonock

To get the culinary story, I dived deeper into the culinary journey at 2nd Poquonock Pizza ordering the dishes that define the establishment. It’s not just about how food tastes but also about its presentation and those little differences between each dish. Each bite tells a story; it is one of those recipes that have been around since time immemorial, perfected over time, and made with love.



Why I Gave These Ratings


The place has an old-school charm but is noted to need an upgrade.

Food Quality

High-quality ingredients and freshly made food, though there are some complaints about dry chicken.


Mostly positive remarks on taste, especially for grinders and fried chicken.

Customer Service

Staff and the owner receive high praise for their service and friendliness.

Staff Behaviour

Reviews consistently note the welcoming and friendly behaviour of the staff.


No specific complaints, suggesting overall satisfaction with cleanliness.


One review mentioned limited parking, suggesting it could be an issue.

Menu Options

Good variety with grinders, pizza, fried chicken, and salads mentioned.

Pricing Options

Customers are happy with the prices, especially given the generous portion sizes.

The Variety is the Spice

I undertook a rich menu exploration across different countries’ cuisines from Italy to America and beyond. The extensive menu has something for everyone including those who are looking for innovative toppings on their pizza or comfort food enthusiasts searching for their next great sandwich.


The Grinder: A Culinary Standout

Different Flavors

From Hot Pastrami to Chicken Teriyaki Philly, The grinder is just mind-blowing in terms of variety and flavor. For example, among more than forty listings on their sandwich menu are ones that mainly emphasize the taste and character of these sandwiches.

Where Quantity Meets Quality

Generous quantities, particularly in meat content characterize most grinders without compromising at all on taste or quality. Fresh ingredients make these pure flavors something to die for when you take a bite.

Pizza at 2nd Poquonock

For pizza lovers out there, don’t get despondent since 2nd Poquonock Pizza has got you covered with its wide range of pizzas that cater to everybody. Starting from a classic Margherita which is simply made from tomatoes and cheese, to white clam pizza, which is much more innovative; each slice is prepared with so much skill.

Pros and Cons of 2nd Poquonock Pizza



Awesome grinders and generous portions

Instances of dry chicken and over-fried grinders

Freshly made food with high-quality ingredients

Some found the chicken parm dry and cheese stuck to paper

Friendly and personable staff

Building is small and could use an upgrade

Reasonable prices for the amount of food

Complaints about burnt grinder rolls and stale tasting sausage

Unique offering of fried chicken and jojos

Some find the chicken dry

Veteran-owned with a storied past

Limited parking mentioned by one review

Experience the Worth of Every Penny

Finding an inexpensive place where quality meets cuisine can be quite exciting. However, once you step into 2nd Poquonock Pizza you know that is exactly what you will get food worth every penny you part with. By the time you get to savor every single slice or sandwich, there is no way one cannot understand why people keep going back here again.

Immerse in the Environment

Feel the atmosphere as you are welcomed. The intimate setting blended with welcoming smiles from staff makes this place second to none. Take in your meal, while also taking in the scene because, after all, the setting contributes just as much to one’s dining experience.

Priority to customers

However, this business places its customers at the center of its operations in a world where firms are increasingly reverting back to impersonal approaches. Be part of a community of regulars, and meet over shared favorites, perhaps even have your name become regular to them as well.

Prices vs Value

Another thing that patrons always praise is value for money. Every dollar paid translates into delectations since they have generous portions and quality ingredients. Its affordability without any compromise on quality or quantity has seen it receive glowing testimonials.


Ambiance and Environment

But then again, 2nd Poquonock Pizza does not only serve good food; it also provides a memorable dining experience. The restaurant claims that it has enough space; the whole setting is clean and has a warm personality that makes it great for eating out on a casual basis. It was also perfect for family outings as it provided an inviting ambient atmosphere with plenty of seating spaces.

Customer Service & Experience

Cordiality of Staff and Owners

I had friendly and quick service at this place, which is commendable. Customers love their hosts who add a personal touch to the dining occasion. The owners, too, are often talked about genuinely caring about customer satisfaction where everyone feels at home.

Residence & Hospitality

When accommodating both groups and single clients 2nd Poquonock Pizza takes the day by storm. The diners enjoy their meals in a relaxed inviting ambiance made even better by attention from personal friendly staff and hands-on owners.


A Must-Visit Place for Pizza

But it’s really about seeing the care that goes into making high-quality food and service that makes you feel like family. Over twenty years have been spent perfecting their recipes, creating a welcoming space for the community in Connecticut. If you haven’t tried out 2nd Poquonock Pizza, add it to your must-try restaurant list immediately.

Inside their small eatery, you can enjoy authentic Italian dishes prepared with love and taste why people keep on coming back. You will find something to take pleasure in at every turn, starting from the staff members and ending with big portions.

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