3 Brothers Pizza Middleville: A Pizza Lover’s Paradise


I have been a resident of Broadway Street, Middleville, for the last five years, and I still remember with clarity the day I walked into 3 Brothers Pizza Middleville. I had just relocated, and the moving process had left me hungry.

Totally overcome by the overpowering scent of baked bread combined with melted mozzarella cheese that filled the air, I found myself in front of this adorable pizza parlor.

And since then, my life in Middleville has never tasted the same. Welcome to this personal and affectionate review of every pizza lover’s dream spot- ‘3 Brothers Pizza Middleville’.

About 3 Brothers Pizza Middleville

This is not just another local pizzeria. It grew out of deep-rooted brotherhood and family unity.

It started with three brothers joining hands to make more than just a pizzeria; they dreamed about a culinary establishment for Middleville. The dream came true quickly as it resonated well with the locals which led to opening up another equally successful branch in Hastings.

What makes 3 Brothers Pizza truly unique is its blend of modernity and traditionalism. This can be seen in their pizzas, where they make each one with care, using a tomato sauce that tastes like it was made from scratch.

However, their innovative range of pizzas caters to contemporary taste buds, providing a mixture of flavors and textures that satisfies even more customers. Hence, their extraordinary cooking techniques drew fans from all across town but also from around neighboring areas as well.

These are some things that set this restaurant apart from others as far as its quality is concerned about making pizzas while not losing focus on what matters most.


What I have to say

Fresh Ingredients

Ingredients are noted to be always fresh.

Local Favorite

Described as the best pizza and subs in Middleville.

Large Order Capability

Capable of providing large orders with ease.

Value for Money

Good pricing for the size and quality of the pizza.


Friendly and polite staff with commendable take-out service.

Food Variety

Offers a variety of options including pizza, subs, lasagna, and wings.

Community Engagement

The owner, a Marine veteran, connects well with customers.

Pizza Menu Highlights

A few unforgettable varieties on their pizza menu after having tasted them include The Works – a meat and veggie combo – or Barbeque Chicken, where sugariness meets tanginess at your tongue tip.

Next up is 3 Brothers’ mozzarella cheese, which is premium. They offer an option of heavy weight for those who love a lot of cheese on their pizza while also having a lighter version for those who prefer less. The other stuff on their menu is equally amazing. Buffalo Wings, along with their garlic bread, breadsticks, and delicious dips that come with it, are perfect.

Must Try Delicacies At 3 Brothers Pizza Middleville

Delicacy you can’t miss it out

Notable features

What’s In It


Frequently highlighted for its great taste and generous toppings.

Customizable toppings, cheese, pizza sauce


The subs, especially the patty melt, are mentioned as a highlight.

Various fillings such as meats and cheeses

Patty Melt 15″ Sub

Described as a substantial offering, though one review found it disappointing.

Ground beef patty, cheese, onions, on a sub roll


Competes closely with pizza in popularity, noted for its excellence.

Layers of pasta, ricotta, meat sauce, mozzarella

Chicken Fajita Salad

Praised for its taste, although there was a comment on pricing discrepancy.

Grilled chicken, peppers, onions, fajita seasoning, greens

Buffalo Wings

Noted for being excellent, especially when freshly out of the oven.

Chicken wings, buffalo sauce, served with ranch

Veggie Sub

A delightful choice for vegetarians and those looking for a lighter option.

Assorted vegetables, cheese, dressing, on a sub roll

It’s a Pizza Lover’s Paradise Because

Middleville is the Heart of Pizza Celebration.

I’m a pizza enthusiast, and it’s difficult to deny the charm of Middleville’s 3 Brothers Pizza. This makes it a true pizza lovers’ haven. The reason for this elegant appeal is credited mostly to an immaculate menu, which harmonizes authenticity and innovation.

They are, however, not just any pizzeria as they hold on to the true spirit of pizza, but with some creative tweaks. Their offerings have been curated in order to awaken your taste buds by bringing together a myriad of rich flavors. Its crust is perfectly baked to bring out its texture, while toppings and sauce all carefully picked for their matching flavors, enhance the party in your mouth.

This pizza is flawless in every aspect. Thus, 3 Brothers Pizza raises the benchmark by offering an unmatched experience that takes you into the heart of the magical world of pizza. For those pizza lovers in search of a perfect slice, there is no need to go further than Three Brothers in Middleville, where their own paradise awaits at 3 Brothers Pizza.

As per my taste and experiences of eating various pizzas, my rating for 3 Brother’s Pizza taste is given below.


Why I gave these ratings


Cozy and homey feel, but limited seating and needs a more welcoming space.

Food Quality

Generally high-quality with fresh ingredients, though some reports of greasiness and dryness.


Positive remarks on taste, especially pizza and subs, but some inconsistency noted.

Customer Service

Staff are often commended for their friendliness and service.

Staff Behaviour

Staff are noted to be friendly and welcoming, contributing to a positive experience.


No major complaints about cleanliness, suggesting a generally clean environment.


Not a major point of contention in the reviews, implying adequacy.

Menu Options

Good variety on the menu, appreciated by the customers.

Pricing Options

Generally good prices, but some concerns about pricing transparency.

Customer Experiences and Reviews


I am not the only one with high regard for 3 Brothers Pizza. All these positive reviews coming from loyal customers are evidence of how much they adore it. I once got garlic bread instead of having ordered breadsticks and when I complained about it, they immediately brought the breadsticks without charging me extra or asking for any inconvenience whatsoever.

I have seen many comments where clients rave about the great staff at 3 Brothers Pizza. As a resident and frequent customer in Middleville, I can say without a doubt this is true. 

Mr. Johnson, one of the frequent customers, says, “Their staff remembers our usual order and always serves with a smile.” This goes to show how personalized 3 Brothers Pizza’s services are to its clients.

The Three Brothers Pizza- Pillars of The Community

The brothers behind three brothers who make their delicious pizzas are more than just purveyors of good food; they symbolize something about Middleville’s vibrant spirit. They have turned out to be successful restaurateurs and brought to life their vision for a great pizza business.

Nevertheless, they remain deeply rooted in their community and stick to it like glue. In addition, these guys are so humble that they can be approached by anyone anytime because they look like average town folks.

The relationship between the Ordway and the Middleville, Michigan community is symbiotic. Local ingredients inspire them along with local flavors from customers who also support them through various means, making them truly pillars of the Middleville community.

Their story keeps inspiring and their pizzas continue to appeal to the taste buds of inhabitants of the city, making 3 Brothers Pizza a lasting part of Middleville’s food culture and community life.

Pros and Cons of 3 Brothers Pizza Middleville



Great pizza with generous toppings and cheese

Occasional complaints about greasiness

Fresh and tasty subs

Inconsistencies in food quality over time

Quick and friendly service

Some issues with undercooked crust

Good prices and portions

Discrepancies in menu prices vs. charged prices

Veteran discounts and community appreciation

Limited seating availability

Efficient take-out service

Some negative experiences with food quality

Takeaway & Delivery Options


Having experienced the convenience of 3 Brothers Pizza’s takeaway and delivery options, I can confirm that they are always on top when it comes to quality. With takeaway food delivery or home delivery, the pizza arrives as fresh and hot as if still in the oven while holding onto its flavors.

The packaging is worth admiration since no leaks or damages occur. For me, their customer service in this respect has been responsive and emphatic, ensuring smooth deliveries. Besides, if you are just passing by Middleville, the location of the pizzeria plus the ability for quick takeaway or delivery makes it an ideal and convenient pitstop for a delicious treat.

Therefore, whether you prefer a cozy evening at home or a quick meal on the run, dial in, place your order, and in no time, you will be enjoying 3 Brothers’ tantalizing pizza experience.

Recommendations and Tips


Food and restaurant selection can be quite challenging. However, 3 Brothers Pizza in Middleville is an exception for pizza enthusiasts. When you want to take pleasure in Italian pizzas all alone, avoid prime time. Otherwise, if it is the peak hour that gives you the best pizza experience together with other people who love it, don’t hesitate to join others in the crowd.

Among many items on their menu, Brother’s Pizza is a stand-out as it’s a must-taste meal for any first-time guest. 

In fact, its irresistible taste and wide acceptance by customers are what make it a real gem. Not only does 3 Brothers Pizza satisfy the local residents but also even those who happen to pass through Middleville, proving that this is where the stupendous pizza journey ends.

This means that you have an option of having your food brought right to your doorstep and enjoying first-rate pizza in your house, too. In summary, dining inside or ordering at home will give you the most memorable Italian pizza experience at 3 Brothers Pizza.

Do not fail to go to 3 Brothers Pizza Middleville

The experience at 3 Brothers Pizza Middleville, where culinary delights are always beyond expectations. For me, each visit has been like listening to a symphony encapsulated in their well-thought-out pizzas. It’s not just another place to eat; it’s how Middleville feels like itself.

Amidst a broad menu, their signature Brother’s Pizza stands out, a must-try delicacy for any first-time visitor. Its unrivaled flavors and crowd-pleasing allure truly make it a gem. Whether one is an ardent lover of pizza or simply walking in for food during lunchtime, its cozy ambiance and great service ensure every bite counts.

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