The Definitive Guide To The Delicious Pair Of Dice Pizza Menu

Pair Of Dice Pizza

Welcome to the most thorough exploration of the Pair Of Dice Pizza menu, a paradise for pizza devotees! So, if you love the taste of fresh pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and olives on your deliciously cheesy slice or simply want to know more about what can be ordered at Pair Of Dice Pizza, this is for you.

Pair Of Dice Pizza is not just another pizzeria; it has been a culinary adventure since its inception many years ago, growing into a local favorite because of its unique flavors and use of high-quality ingredients. Throughout this comprehensive guide, I will discuss every single aspect of the pair of dice pizza menus from prices, specials, ingredients, and much more. Get ready to go through one of the most inviting pizza menus there are!

Pair Of Dice Pizza Reviews

Pair Of Dice Pizza: Tradition Merged With Modernity

Pair Of Dice Pizza does not shy away from trying new things. This menu offers unique combinations alongside traditional pizzas, which showcase their culinary creativity. For instance, one can try a pie with sweet pineapple and spicy jalapenos or a vegan’s delight with different plant-based cheeses on top of seasonal veggies. Every time you go, there’s always something new on offer at Pair Of Dice Pizza, making each visit an exciting escapade in flavor.

Every pair-of-dice pizza menu tells a story of tradition, quality, and innovation, making it an absolute must-have for anyone looking for an amazing pizza experience. Keep reading to find out more about Pair Of Dice Pizza prices specials and much more in the next sections.


My experience on Pair of Dice Pizza

Pizza Quality

Phenomenal pizza, Fresh and delicious, Good crust, Favorable comparisons

Other Food

Good rib tips, Delicious chicken wings, Ribs described as otherworldly


Fast service, Free pizza for longer wait times, Hiring young people appreciated


Affordable prices praised, Specials and deals available


Clean grounds free of trash and debris, Positive environment


Positive changes with possible new management


Staying in the community and supporting local business

Specialty Items

Specialty items like cheese bread and beach w/cheese noted

Business Ethics

Black-owned business highlighted


Recommended by customers for food and service

How Delicious Is The Pair Of Dice Pizza’s Menu?

The Pair Of Dice Pizza menu is highly thought out to simplify your choice-making process when you visit us for some pizza. Be it that you’re thinking about having the good old pie or something adventurous, there is a category for everyone here!

Classic Pizzas: Another section of this book pays homage to the old favorites. This must include the classic Margherita, the ever-popular Pepperoni, as well as Meat Lovers which is bold and meaty. These are perfect for the fans of simplicity and elegance in a pizza.

Specialty Pizzas: For those who are looking for something different from the normal, be sure to visit the Specialty Pizzas section. Every pizza found here is a masterpiece like Mediterranean Delight with feta cheese, olives, and sun-dried tomatoes or BBQ Chicken Fiesta, which has barbecue sauce with chicken that sucks your mouth.

Vegetarian and Vegan Options: No one is left out at Pair Of Dice Pizza. The vegetarian and vegan pizzas are made with as much care and attention to detail as their meaty counterparts. From various vegan cheese alternatives to many fresh vegetable toppings, these options represent more than just an afterthought but rather celebrate plant-based goodness.

Gluten-Free Choices: Health-conscious diners who suffer from gluten intolerance can enjoy gluten-free pizzas. Those made with a special gluten-free crust are tasty and maintain their texture just like any other kind of pizza.

Pair Of Dice Ingredients: Above All Other Pizzas

Pair of Dice Pizza uses high-quality ingredients to make delicious pizzas. Their vegetables are handpicked, the cheeses are artisanal, and the meats are top-notch. For example, the pepperoni has the perfect blend of spices. The mushrooms taste earthy and fresh. The olives are nice and briny. And the sausage seasoning is done just right.

Dishes you can’t miss it on

Notable Features

What’s Added To It

Phenomenal Pizza

A highly praised pizza with a good crust and fresh taste.

Custom toppings as per order, cheese, tomato sauce

Rib Tips

Good quality rib tips that are described as “otherworldly.”

Smoked or barbecued rib tips, possibly with a special sauce

Chicken Wings

Delicious wings, notable for being good at a pizza place.

Various seasonings and sauces, traditionally deep-fried

Cheese Bread

Mentioned as a specialty item alongside pizza and other dishes.

Garlic, cheese, and butter on a bread base


Ribs have been highlighted for their barbecue sauce and quality.

Slow-cooked ribs with barbecue sauce

The size of each wedge is proportional to its score which means that the positive feedback from these sectors. The chart reveals how Pair of Dice Pizza achieves a mix of good quality and affordability by focusing on different aspects across its service and product lines.

Pair Of Dice Pizza's Secret to Deliciousness

Pizza’s expertise contributes to the excellent taste in Pair Of Dice Pizza’s case. The pizzeria combines traditional and modern techniques of preparing pizza crust that melts smoothly with flavors. Ovens matter – be it the classic brick oven, which gives a smoky flavor and a crispy crust to Chicago-style pizzas, or state-of-the-art conveyor ovens that help bake each Sicilian slice uniformly.

The Freshness of Ingredients

At Pair Of Dice Pizza, freshness isn’t just a word; it’s a philosophy. Every ingredient, from the dough to the toppings, is selected for its freshness and quality. The dough is prepared daily from scratch, hand-tossed, and then allowed time to sit and rise perfectly. The sauce tomatoes are vine-ripened, while herbs are often bought locally for maximum natural flavor in every bite of this pizza.

Traditional and Innovative Recipes

Signature Flavors at Pair Of Dice

The Pair of Dice Pizza menu is like a treasure chest of tasty flavors. There is something for every taste bud. Their originality comes from combining traditional and new recipes. The signature pizzas are more than just meals. They are culinary sensations!

Start with the deep dish Chicago-style pizza layered with cheese and rich sauce. Or try the thin and crispy Sicilian pizza. Each type has its own unique flavor.

The menu also has seasonal and limited-time pizzas. Imagine a summer pizza with fresh basil, ripe tomatoes, and buffalo mozzarella. It’s like taking a bite of sunshine! Each season brings something new and delicious.

The Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Pair of Dice blends traditional recipes from past generations with new mixes by their skilled chefs. They balance flavors carefully. The sauce’s sourness matches the cheese’s richness. The various toppings add textures and tastes to make a symphony in each bite.

These pizzas are seasoned, so every ingredient stands out but also contributes to the overall taste. This precision makes Pair of Dice unique. Their pizzas are an experience, not just food.

Pair of Dice Restaurant Ratings

Secrets to Tastiness

The secrets to Pair of Dice’s delicious pizzas are:

  • Proper cooking
  • Fresh ingredients
  • Flavor combinations in harmony

This winning recipe has earned them loyal fans. Each visit to Pair of Dice Pizza is a delightful treat for your taste buds!


Why I Gave These Rating?


Clean and clear grounds with a good environment, but parking issues are a concern.

Food Quality

Pizza and rib tips are often praised for their quality, with some inconsistency.


Positive remarks about the taste of pizza and other menu items.

Customer Service

Several complaints about service, with a few positive experiences.

Staff Behaviour

Reports of disrespectful and unprofessional staff behaviour are frequent.


Clean grounds are positively mentioned, with no specific complaints about interior cleanliness.


The parking lot is described as inconvenient and potentially dangerous.

Menu Options

Good variety of food, including pizza, rib tips, wings, and other items mentioned.


Mixed reviews on pricing, with some finding it affordable and others considering it higher than desired.

Make Your Own Customized Pizza With A Pair Of Dice

Pair Of Dice Customized Pizza

Visiting a Pair Of Dice Pizza gives one joy because you get to make your own pizza. Here, you can create your own masterpiece while still enjoying its mouth-watering goodness.

Choose Your Crust: It all starts with the base – crust. The crust is the beginning of everything at Pair Of Dice; they have different types like original hand-tossed, thin, gluten-free, or even their deep-dish crust known as Chicago-style. Depending on what type of crust you choose, this will add texture and flavor to your final product.

Select Your Sauce: Sauce is the soul behind any pizza, but here at Pair Of Dice, it’s more than just a tomato-based sauce. When choosing between rich, creamy alfredo sauce, tangy BBQ, or vibrant pesto options, you are changing everything about how your pie will taste.

A Bounty of Toppings: Here’s where the real fun begins. Pair Of Dice offers many different types of toppings, including meats like pepperoni, salami, or BBQ chicken; vegetables such as bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms; artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, or capers that are considered gourmet.

Cheese, Please: Whether you love the classic mozzarella, prefer cheddar and gorgonzola, or need a dairy-free option, Pair Of Dice has it all. From their cheese’s perfect melt to its rich taste, one can tell that it is of high quality.

Pros And Cons Of Ordering A Customized Pizza With A Pair Of Dice



Adds an element of excitement and chance

Less control over final pizza toppings

Opportunity to discover new flavor combinations

May result in strange or unappealing ingredients

Each pizza will be unique

Friends/family may not like randomized toppings

Allows other opinions to influence pizza

Hard to ensure balanced flavors and textures

More collaborative and interactive process

More complex ordering and preparation

Encourages creativity and experimentation

Risk of ingredients that don’t complement each other

Can expand your palette by trying new things

Some people prefer certainty of favorite toppings

Makes a fun game or activity for get-togethers

Potential to waste ingredients that get rolled

Adds light-hearted entertainment to customizing

Dice rolls may slow down pizza ordering process

Tips for Creating the Perfect Pizza Combination

With so many choices available, creating your own pizza from scratch can be quite intimidating. To help with this process, here are some tips:

Balance Your Flavors: Try combining different flavor profiles – like something salty with something sweet or something creamy with something tangy.

Texture Matters: Add in various textures – crunchy items like onions or green bell peppers taste great next to softer ingredients such as mushrooms or olives.

Don’t Overdo It: You might want to put every favorite topping of yours on your pizza, but sometimes less is more. Putting too much into the pizza will only result in a soggy crust, which may also not bring out any particular flavor.

Experiment: You never know unless you try. You may find your new favorite pizza!

Customizing your pizza at Pair Of Dice isn’t just about eating; it’s about making an experience of your own. Every single choice you make adds a personal touch to that piece of pie and makes it even more enjoyable.

What else does Pair of Dice offer besides pizza?

Besides the well-known pizzas, Pair Of Dice Pizza has a wide range of starters, such as garlic bread sticks, which are perfect for dipping in marinara sauce, loaded nachos, or mozzarella sticks, among others. These starters are great for sharing and are a hit with groups of all sizes.

Fresh and Flavorful Salads: For those who want to eat light or healthier salads on their menu include classic Caesar or Greek salads and many more with mixed greens, fresh vegetables, nuts, cheeses, and house-made dressings, which cater to everyone who is watching their health.

Wings – A Perfect Sidekick: Try out the wings from Pair Of Dice. The flavors come in different variations, such as beef which is the traditional one, sweet barbecue, or spicy garlic Parmesan, among others that can go down well with your pizza. Whether you prefer them bone-in or boneless, these wings give a super crispy outside and tender inside.

Decadent Desserts to End on a Sweet Note

No meal at Pair Of Dice Pizza is complete without sampling their desserts. You can choose from their rich, creamy cheesecake to decadent chocolate brownies, or you could opt for something fun like cinnamon sticks with icing. These sweet treats provide a perfect end to a satisfying meal.

Beverages to Complement Your Meal

To complement your meal while dining at a pair of dice pizzas, they offer various beverages. Choose between soft drinks and iced teas to craft beers and wines. This selection of refreshments is very deliberate as it pairs well with the flavors of pizzas and other items on the menu.


Kid’s Menu: Delighting the Little One’s

Pair Of Dice Pizza also understands different family needs by providing a specifically planned kid’s menu. It includes smaller portions and mini-pizzas, chicken fingers, macaroni and cheese, and other favorites that will keep the little ones happy.

Overall, Pair Of Dice Pizza has a menu that ensures a complete dining experience. Every item, from appetizers to desserts, is made with the same attention to detail and quality as their pizzas. Next, we’ll explore the nutritional and dietary information provided by Pair Of Dice Pizza, an essential aspect for health-conscious diners. Stay tuned!

Pair Of Dice Pizza’s Nutritional and Dietary Information

In today’s world, where people are so concerned about their health, it is important to have a piece of knowledge about what goes into our foods. Recognizing this necessity, Pair Of Dice Pizza offers complete nutrition details of its menu items on request. Such openness gives customers choices in relation to their nutrition as well as food choices.

Calorie Counts and Nutritional Breakdown: Each menu item at Pair Of Dice has a complete breakdown of calories, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and more. Such statistics are very useful, especially for those who are watching fitness or health reasons.

Special Dietary Options: In Pair Of Dice, we acknowledged the needs of different dietary groups. They make sure that their vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free selections are not mere substitutes but rather delicious choices in their own right.

Customizable Options for Dietary Needs

Pair Of Dice allows customers to choose what goes into their pizzas. The toppings, sauces, and crusts offered at this place, therefore, make it possible to cater to specific dietary needs like reducing calories, avoiding allergens, or sticking to a particular diet like vegetarians or vegans.

Pair Of Dice Pizza provides nutritional information as well as information on allergens, which is one way of ensuring that they take care of their customers’ needs. With this level of care, a customer can enjoy his or her meal fully aware that it has been customized to suit his/her dietary preferences.

Wrapping Up!

As we conclude our comprehensive guide to The Delicious Pair Of Dice Pizza Menu, it is obvious that this place is not just a pizza parlor. It’s a place where high-quality food, excellent service, and community participation combine to create an unforgettable dining experience. Whether trying out the classic pepperoni pizza, exploring vegan options, or having a family dinner, Pair Of Dice Pizza has something for everyone.

Pair Of Dice Pizza is a testament to good food and community spirit. It’s not just about eating; it’s about being part of a story that unfolds with every slice of pizza served. So next time you have a craving for great pizza, remember at Pair of Dice, you are more than just a customer – you are family here.

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