The Ultimate Guide to Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Gift Card

Anthony Coal Fired Pizza Restaurant

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza is a well-known food chain that serves delicious Italian-American dishes and is particularly known for its authentic coal-fired pizza and wings, which are a crowd favorite. You’ve probably received a couple of gift cards in your day, which can save some much-needed money when you’re going out to eat at your favorite restaurant.

Gift cards have been known to be a Last Minute Larry type of gift, but they can still be loved by the receiver. If you want to give someone the ability to get down on some coal-fired pizza and wings (or any other dish) from Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, then keep reading this guide as it will give you all the knowledge you need in purchasing, using, and gifting these specific gift cards.

Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Restaurant Highlights

Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza
Founding Year
Initial Location
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Anthony Bruno
Coal-fired pizza and wings
Additional Offerings
Chicken wings, salads, pasta, desserts
Unique Aspect
Coal-fired ovens reaching 900°F
Casual and inviting with an open kitchen
Number of Locations
Over 90 across Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, North Carolina, and Nevada
Gift Card Availability
In-store and online
Gift Card Denominations
Electronic cards ($10, $20, $50, $75, $100, $150, $200), Physical cards ($10 to $2000)
Benefits of Gift Cards
Convenience, flexibility, budget-friendly, suitable for any occasion, ideal for food lovers
Gift Card Pros
Nationwide validity, dine-in and takeout usage, wide denomination range, balance check available
Gift Card Cons
6-month expiry, inactivity fees after 12 months, physical card requirement, replacement fee
Accepted Payment Types
Credit cards, debit cards, cash
Locations by State
FL (52), PA (15), NJ (12), NC (6), DE (3), NV (2)
Card Registration Benefits
Online balance check, email alerts, promotional offer notifications
Lost/Stolen Card Policy
Report to customer service, balance transfer to replacement card (processing fee)
Special Promotions
Frequent limited-time offers and bonuses for gift cards
Comparison to Other Dining Cards
Wide value range, accepted for dine-in/takeout, easy balance checks, seasonal menu items
Unique Selling Points
Fresh ingredients, family-friendly atmosphere, coal-fired oven pizza, excellent service, value prices

Types of Pizza at Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza


Must Try Dishes At Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

Name Of The Dish
Why I Loved It
Coal-Fired Pizza
Dough, tomato sauce, cheese, various toppings
The crust is crispy yet chewy, thanks to the unique 900°F coal-fired oven. A true taste of authenticity.
Chicken Wings
Chicken wings, seasoning, served with onions
Perfectly cooked with a delightful crispiness and flavor. The onions add an extra
Fresh greens, various vegetables, dressing
Fresh and crisp ingredients, offering a lighter yet flavorful dining option.
Pasta Dishes
Pasta, sauces, meats, vegetables
Each dish is a delightful combination of flavors, cooked to perfection with fresh, high-quality ingredients.
Varies by type (e.g., chocolate, fruits, dough)
A sweet and satisfying end to the meal, with each dessert offering its unique twist.

Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Gift Card Denominations

Gift Card Amount
Great for small gifts
Most popular amount
Generous gift value
For gift card enthusiasts

Pros and Cons for Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza gift cards

Can be used at any Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza location nationwide
Expires 6 months after purchase
Good for dine-in meals or takeout orders
Inactivity fees may apply after 12 months
Wide selection of gift card amounts from $10-$200
Need to register card to access online features
Easy to purchase in-store or online
Must present physical card, no mobile payment
Balance can be checked by phone, online, or in person
Replacing lost or stolen cards has a fee
  • Ideal gift for pizza and wing lovers
  • Fun and creative gift card packaging options available
  • Accepted for specials and promotions
  • Can be personalized with custom designs at some locations
Limited to just Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza, not other restaurants

Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Locations by State

Number of Locations
New Jersey
North Carolina

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza was founded in 2002. The first one was in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Owner Anthony Bruno got the idea for his restaurant based on traditional pizza places from New York and New Jersey. His family were bakers, so he put a bit of that in his recipe as well. One thing that makes Anthony’s special is their coal-fired ovens. They reach an impressive 900°F and help make the crust crispy and chewy.

Besides pizza, this place also offers chicken wings, salads, pasta, and dessert. Every ingredient they use is fresh and many menu items are made entirely in-house from original recipes. Inside the restaurant you’ll find a casual, inviting atmosphere with an open kitchen. A total of over 90 locations have been opened throughout Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, North Carolina, and Nevada.

Gift cards are available for purchase if you want to give someone the experience of eating at Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza. No matter what the occasion is — birthdays, holidays or just because — these gift cards make great presents. This guide has everything you need to know about them

An In-Depth Look at the Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Gift Card

What Exactly is the Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Gift Card?

The Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza gift card is a prepaid, stored-value card that allows the holder to redeem the face value for food and beverage purchases at any Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza location. Purchasing gift cards in advance provides Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza with cash in hand to use at any time.

For the recipient, the gift card offers the advantage of dining at their convenience without having to pay at the time of service. It’s an easy, fuss-free way to give the experience of savoring Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza’s offerings. The gift card works just like cash at all Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza restaurants.

The Many Options for Purchasing an Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Gift Card

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza lets you buy gift cards at a physical store or on the internet. You won’t have to go far for them in-store, just go up to the nearest Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza cashier and ask. They have plenty on hand in case you want one right away. But if you don’t feel like walking into a store, that’s understandable too. Buying them online is also pretty simple.

When buying gift cards on the internet, they have a couple different types of cards available. The first is an electronic card which they will send to your email. This card can be in denominations of $10, $20, $50, $75, $100, $150 and $200. The second type of card is a physical one. This type has a range of denominations from $10 all the way to $2000. If you decide to get this kind of card through their website, they will either send it with a custom image as well as the card number to your email or mail just the number by itself.

The Benefits and Advantages of Choosing Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Gift Cards

There are many excellent benefits that come with gifting Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza gift cards including:

  1. Convenience – The gift card allows the recipient to enjoy a meal at Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza on their own schedule. They don’t have to make reservations or shuffle appointments to use it.
  2. Flexibility – Gift cards can be redeemed at any of the 90+ Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza locations for dine-in or takeout. Great for recipients who travel or live near multiple locations.
  3. Budget-friendly – Cards start at just $10, making them an affordable gifting option compared to pricier formal gifts.
  4. Suits any occasion – Works for birthdays, holidays, thank yous, condolence, celebrations and more.
  5. Food-lovers dream gift – Perfect for gifting food enthusiasts who will appreciate the upscale dining experience.

Step-By-Step Guide to Redeeming an Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Gift Card

Locating a Participating Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Restaurant

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza gift cards are accepted at all company owned restaurant locations in the United States. Be sure the recipient knows this by providing them a link to the restaurant locator on the website. This allows them to easily search for participating locations by state and city.

How To Use the Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Gift Card for Seamless Payment?

Redeeming an Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza gift card is simple. Here are the steps:

  1. Alert your server or cashier before ordering that you will be paying with a gift card. This allows them to directly process it at payment time.
  2. When your meal order is complete, present your physical gift card when the check arrives. The card will be swiped by the staff. Photocopies and mobile phone photos are not accepted.
  3. If your total bill exceeds the gift card’s balance, be prepared to pay the remaining amount with another payment method. Credit cards, debit cards, and cash are accepted for the unpaid portion.
  4. The original gift card will be returned back to you with the new balance written on the back so you can track the updated amount. It’s now ready for future use!

Checking Your Balance on an Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Gift Card

It’s easy to check your gift card balance. Either ask your server to swipe the card and provide the balance during your restaurant visit or call the toll-free customer service number located on the back of the physical card. For registered gift cards, you can also log into your online account dashboard to view the real-time balance digitally.

How to Add a Personal Touch When Giving an Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Gift Card

Creative Ways to Package or Present an Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Gift Card

While a standard envelope is always appropriate, you can add some fun presentation ideas to spice up your gift giving such as:

  • Placing the gift card in a mini model pizza box wrapped with tissue paper accents.
  • Creating a customized gift box or bag with the Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza logo. Include some tasty treats like chocolate pizza slices or breadsticks.
  • For Christmas, put the gift card on a tree ornament or inside a holiday themed mug or tin.
  • For birthdays, add some colorful balloons, streamers, or confetti to the gift card packaging.

Recommended Occasions and Events for Gifting Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Gift Cards

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza gift cards make terrific gifts for:

  1. Birthdays – Give the birthday guy or gal the gift of indulging in pizza and wings.
  2. Anniversaries – Celebrating with a nice meal out is a great way to mark the occasion.
  3. Thank You Gifts – Show your appreciation for coworkers, teachers, hosts, etc. with a prepaid meal.
  4. Holidays and Christmas – Stuff gift cards into stockings or gift exchange games.
  5. Wedding Gifts – Great for bridesmaids gifts, rehearsal dinners, or newlywed couples.
  6. Just Because – A surprise gift card just to show someone you care.

Personalizing Your Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Gift Card

Select Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza locations offer gift card personalization like adding custom photos, messages, or designs for a small fee. Call your nearest restaurant in advance to ask about availability of customization. This allows you to add a name, short message, or special photo design to make it extra memorable.

Tips for Managing Your Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Gift Card

Register Your Card to Access Helpful Features

It’s highly recommended to register your gift card on the Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza website. You’ll need the card number and security code located on the back of the physical card. Registration gives you access to useful gift card management features like:

  • Checking your balance online anytime
  • Receiving email alerts when your balance is low
  • Getting notified about special promotional offers and discounts

What to Do if an Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza Gift Card is Lost or Stolen

If your Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza gift card is misplaced, lost, or stolen, it’s important to report it right away to protect the balance. You can report a missing card by calling the customer service number or submitting a report on the Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza website.

To reclaim the balance, you will need to provide details like the gift card number, security code, and the approximate date of purchase or last use. This allows the balance to be frozen and transferred to a replacement card for a processing fee.

Staying Informed About Special Gift Card Promotions

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza frequently runs special limited-time offers, discounts, and bonuses when purchasing gift cards. Be sure to sign up for their email newsletter and follow the restaurant’s social media channels to stay updated about promotional gift card deals as they are announced. This allows you to maximize the value of your gift card.

Comparing the Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Gift Card to Other Dining Cards

The Unique Benefits of Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Gift Cards.

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza gift cards have several advantages over other dining gift cards:

  • Wide range of gift card values from just $10 to $100 to suit different budgets.
  • Accepted for full dine-in meals as well as takeout orders.
  • Can be purchased in-person or online for convenience.
  • Balances are easy to check by phone, online, or in-store.
  • New seasonal flavors keep the menu interesting.

Why Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Stands Out from the Competition?

There are many great reasons to choose an Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza gift card over other dining establishments:

  1. Made-from-scratch recipes using fresh, quality ingredients.
  2. Fun, family-friendly dining atmosphere.
  3. Specialty coal-fired ovens make exceptionally tasty pizza with smoky char.
  4. Attentive and enthusiastic customer service.
  5. Value-focused prices that are budget-friendly.
Anthony Coal Fired Pizza

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Gift Card FAQs

Q1. Can the gift card be used at any location?

Yes, it can be redeemed at all 90+ restaurants nationwide.

Q2. Do the gift cards expire?

Yes, they expire 6 months from the purchase date.

Q3. Can the card be re-gifted?

Absolutely, if you haven’t registered it, feel free to give it to someone else.

Q4. Can I check my balance online?

You must first register your gift card to access the online balance feature.


Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza gift cards allow you to conveniently gift the experience of enjoying freshly made pizza, wings, salads, and more. With this detailed guide, you have all the information on purchasing and using gift cards for a fun, fool-proof gifting experience. Surprise your favorite foodies with the gift of Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza today!

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