Satisfying your taste buds with Authentic NYC slices at Anthony’s Pizza in Carytown


There is a small place in Carytown where the smell of baking dough fills the air and satisfied clients can be heard talking loudly. Anthony’s Pizza, that local pizzeria that has become a haven for pizza lovers. How do they manage to do it? They have commitment to originality with a touch of New York attitude. My experience here will offer you slice-by-slice information about Anthony’s Pizza Carytown you cannot afford to miss.


Restaurant Highlight

What I liked and why
Dim lighting, vintage Italian art, cozy
nostalgic, long wooden tables
Signature Dish
Traditional New York Style Pizza
Notable Dishes
Pepperoni pizza, Stromboli, Philly chicken & cheese deluxe, Philly steak & cheese deluxe, chicken wings, onion rings.
Food Quality
Highly praised for great ingredients and flavor, fresh and high-quality ingredients
Service Quality
Fast, friendly, and wonderful service
Price Range
Reasonable, good value for money
Challenging in Carytown location
Overall Recommendation
Highly recommended for authentic NYC/NJ style pizza and overall dining experience.

Must try delicacies of Anthony’s Pizza

Dishes you can’t miss out on!
What’s in it?
Notable Features
Traditional New York Style Pizza
Crispy golden-brown crust, tangy tomato sauce, melted mozzarella, fresh basil leaves.
Perfectly captures the essence of NY-style pizza, large slices, and authentic flavors.
Pepperoni Pizza
Thin crust, generous pepperoni slices, melted cheese, tangy tomato sauce.
Irresistible combination of crispy crust, abundant pepperoni, and perfect cheese pull.
Flaky dough filled with Italian meats, cheese, and vegetables, baked to perfection.
Considered the best outside of NY/NJ, delicious blend of meats, cheese, and veggies.


Rating (Out of 5)
Food Quality
The food, particularly the pizzas and traditional Italian dishes, is consistently praised for its delicious taste and high-quality ingredients.
Service Quality
The service is wonderful, with fast and friendly interactions, creating a positive dining experience.
The ambiance is cozy and reminiscent of a classic pizzeria, with dim lighting, vintage Italian art, and comfortable seating, enhancing the dining atmosphere.
Menu Variety
While pizza is the highlight, the menu offers a variety of Italian dishes, including pasta, salads, and other options, catering to different tastes.
I appreciate the reasonable prices, especially considering the large size and quality of the servings, providing good value for money.
Location & Parking
The location in Carytown is convenient for a local experience but can be challenging for parking at times, which can be a minor inconvenience.
Overall Recommendation
I highly recommend Anthony's Pizza Carytown for its authentic NYC/NJ style pizza and overall dining experience, reflecting a high level of satisfaction.

Pros and Cons of Dining at Anthony’s Pizza Carytown

Exceptional Food Quality: delicious taste and quality of the food, particularly the pizzas and traditional Italian dishes.
Inconsistencies in Food: lack of tomato sauce or soggy pizza.
Great Value: I appreciate the reasonable prices, especially considering the size and quality of the servings. I was impressed by the large size of the pizza slices, providing good value for money
Issues with Delivery Service: missing items like napkins and plastic ware.
Friendly and Welcoming Service: The staff’s hospitality and friendliness are frequently praised, enhancing the dining experience. Moreover they offer quick and efficient service, both for dine-in and take-out orders.
Pricing Confusion: I had a confusion over pricing, particularly with the additional charges for extra toppings.
Pleasant Atmosphere: The cozy and nostalgic vibe of the pizzeria, along with its cleanliness and comfortable seating, received positive remarks.
Parking Challenges: The location in Carytown can make parking difficult

Stepping into Anthony’s Pizza Carytown:
A New York Pizzeria in Richmond


When I went inside Anthony’s Pizza Carytown, it was just like walking into a classic NY pizzeria. Situated in Richmond, Virginia, this place is famed for its outstanding Italian dishes alongside its welcoming neighborhood atmosphere. The harmonized noise from the busy kitchen and smells suggested what lay behind those doors was not ordinary foodstuffs at all. As I moved closer to Carytown’s center, I could see that there was something in Anthony’s ability to turn ordinary fresh ingredients into tastes that reflect the very essence of Italy.

The Authentic Italian Ambiance of Anthony’s Pizza I felt like I was teleported straight into Italy the moment I walked into Anthony’s Pizza Carytown. With its dim lighting and vintage Italian art adorning the walls, it had an enchanting atmosphere. The waiters were friendly and helped create a homey but dynamic environment; also the long wooden tables promote community dining amongst families or groups of friends.

The Culinary Delight: Anthony’s Traditional Pizza

Amongst all available dishes, his traditionally cooked pie stands out at Anthony’s . As far as appearance goes, it had the perfect golden-brown colour on its crust which would be crispy on the outside but soft and fluffy inside . The tangy tomato sauce and melted mozzarella which was beautifully done together with tomatoes formed a perfect blend of flavors. The final touch on this truly authentic pizza is a sprinkling of fresh basil leaves, giving it an aromatic touch.

More Than Just Pizza: A Taste of Italy

Apart from pizzas, Anthony’s Pizza Carytown offers other Italian delicacies from their menu. The dishes come with creamy pasta prepared al dente to give you the real taste of Italy in every bite. The rich main courses are perfectly matched with crunchy salads that serve as good accompaniments to provide a full blown Italian dining experience.

The best NYC/NJ Style Pizza in Carytown

Because I am originally from New Jersey, where there are lots of genuine NY-style pizzerias; I doubted if there was anything close to that in Carytown. However, my misconception about Anthony’s Pizza was rectified here.

The pie itself was large, consisting of the big slices that are usually common with the round shaped NY style pizza pies. One bite and I was immediately taken back to all my tastes I remember. Its crust had just the right amount of softness on one side while outside crunchiness, cheesy strings, perfectly stretchy cheese and the sauce tasted strong and tangy.

The NYC/NJ Style Pizza at Anthony’s Pizza Carytown is truly standout not just in Carytown, but also goes beyond to rival the classic pizzerias in New York and New Jersey. It is somewhere in Virginia that feels like home making Carytown’s culinary scene more diverse than ever before.

Pros and Cons of Dining at Anthony’s Pizza Carytown

All in all, Anthony’s Pizza Carytown seems to be a place that thrills people due to their food quality, prices, and ambience; however there are minor complaints about delivery service and pricing transparency.

Anthony’s Pizzas: A Mixture of Freshness and Size

Eating at Anthony’s Pizza Carytown as an Epicurean Expedition

As one walks into Anthony’s Pizza Carytown, the tantalizing scent of freshly baked pizza surrounds them. What makes their pizzas so irresistible is their dedication to using only fresh materials. This commitment is not just a slogan; it is something that can be tasted in every bite. What may look like strange oversized pies is actually an effort to make sure that no one leaves going away with hunger after having eaten just one slice. The moment you sink your teeth into its crusts, it bursts with flavors and textures. The slightly chewy texture of their hand-tossed dough is complemented by their homemade tomato sauce – tangy, sweet and comforting all at once – derived from ripe juicy tomatoes used for making it. It’s a deadly combination that makes each mouthful feel like heaven.

Furthermore, the cheese is melted to perfection—creamy and stretchy—so you get that perfect cheese pull every time you take a slice. Jack’s discovery of this pizza haven highlighted the perfect balance of ingredients. These toppings are always abundant and fresh when they are cooked properly. Meats add flavor while vegetables give crunchiness topped off by sudden explosion of herbs in every bite as well as varieties of flavors.

My personal experience at Anthony’s pizza Carytown was nothing short of unforgettable. The pizzas were exactly what I expected: fresh, large, and delicious. That visit did more than just satisfy my appetite; it captured both my taste buds and heart. Anthony’s Pizza Carytown is not just any ordinary pizza joint—it’s the home ground for pizzas where I am eagerly looking forward to returning to.

The Heart and Soul of Anthony’s Pizza Carytown: Where Every Bite Tells a Story

Walking into Anthony’s Pizza Carytown feels like entering an alternate universe where pizza is cherished in everything. The mouthwatering aroma of freshly baked pizzas is only the beginning of a journey that exhibits the pizzeria’s commitment to using only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients. Their flavors are their signature in every pizza.

Bigger than usual, these pizzas serve a purpose that goes beyond just looks. They are meant to be gigantic so that one slice would satisfy anyone’s hunger. It’s like discovering something truly divine while eating these pizzas. The homemade tomato sauce, a perfect blend of tangy, sweet, and comforting, complements the slightly chewy texture of their hand-tossed dough, all thanks to the ripe, juicy tomatoes used in its making. It’s an irresistible combination that makes each bite a delightful experience.

But the real secret to their pizza is the blend of flavors. The cheese isn’t just a topping; it’s a creamy, stretchy delight that makes every piece taste better. Jack immediately

realized this pizzeria was special. It wasn’t just that the toppings were fresh and plentiful but they were cooked in just the right way. Each bite combines rich flavors of meats, vegetables crackling under your teeth and unexpected explosions of fresh herbs.

Why do I love Carytown Pizza so much?

Its pizzas are unforgettable – large, fresh, and tasty enough to satisfy even the greediest gluttons. But trust me when I say that this experience went beyond feeding my belly. It had my taste buds dancing with authentic flavors and generous portions that stole my heart by its deliciousness. Returning is not an option at Anthony’s Pizza Carytown but rather a more of a must do for anyone who understands what pizza really is about. This place is like heaven for all those who adore pizza; every slice tastes like a story.

Anthony’s Pizza Carytown – The Real New York Slice

It wasn’t only pepperoni slices that blew me away though; here, even plain cheese pizza was never just plain cheese pizza anymore as usual. After each pull, the golden melted cheese would stretch and it had the perfect crunch to chew ratio at its base. What riddle does classicism contain in itself? It creates an amazing feature about Anthony’s Pizza Carytown.


For those looking for an authentic New York slice or just want to eat out in a local area with character, then go to Carytown’ s Anthony’s Pizza. It was a good place to go because I enjoyed what I had while there but would love to have more time to spend there and I will probably be thinking of when next to come back before reaching home.

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