Round Table Pizza’s Famous Polynesian Sauce – A Deep Dive

Round Table's Polynesian Sauce

The word “Polynesian” alone is enough to take me on a trip down memory lane. Growing up in California, Round Table Pizza was my go-to restaurant. Whether I was celebrating a friend’s birthday or just enjoying a family night out, with the sweet and tangy polynesian sauce it was always bound to be a great time. In this post we are going to deep dive into everything you need to know about Round Table Pizza’s famous polynesian sauce. From its history and origins to the secret ingredients and unique flavors.

A Brief History of Round Table Pizza

Before we can understand the sauce, we have to learn about the restaurant itself. William Larson founded Round Table Pizza back in 1959 in Menlo Park, California. He named it after King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, because he wanted to bring people together over pizza. The original menus featured classic pizzas as well as new ones Larson created with mixed ingredients that would make up signature pizzas. One of those was topped with their now famous polynesian sauce.

As soon as they started selling it, customers couldn’t get enough of it. Over the years when they expanded across California and other states they always made sure to keep it on their menu. This sweet and tangy taste was something people had never experienced before so they went crazy for it.

Now there are over 500 locations all across America! And although their menu has grown since then, you can still find this same recipe from over 60 years ago on your table.

Growth of Round Table Pizza Location Over Time Chart

The Origins and Inspiration behind Polynesian Sauce

We have all wondered where exactly this idea came from but it’s not too complicated! According to their company history booklets founder William Larson said he loved bold flavors so he created this sauce using inspiration from tiki culture that started picking up around America during the 1950s and 60s.

Traditional Polynesian sauces use pineapple, ginger, soy sauce, garlic and other spices. Larson’s formula was a little more simple though; it used tomato paste and pineapple chunks as the base along with soy sauce, sherry, and spices like ginger and garlic.

He said once he found the right balance of sweet and sour he knew he had something good. And boy did he have something good! Ever since then people have been coming back time after time again just to get a taste of that unique flavor.

Round Table has kept the same quality that created Larson’s Polynesian Sauce so many years ago. With ingredients that are still top tier, it gives you that same sweet, tangy, gingery, garlicky taste. The secret will stay locked up, but its combination of flavors is addictive and unforgettable. It brings generations back to a time of nostalgia and comfort.

Round Table's Pizza

What makes it so special?

Crushed pineapple serves as the base, providing tropical juice and texture.
Tomato Paste
Adds umami flavor and thickens the sauce.
Soy Sauce
Contributes to savoriness, color, and shine.
Brown Sugar
Provides caramelized flavors without overwhelming sweetness.
White Wine Vinegar
Adds acidity to balance richness.
Offers a kick and warmth, pairing well with sweet and sour notes.
Acts as an aromatic backbone, tying all flavors together.

Even though Round Table Pizza keeps the full recipe under wraps, they have given us an idea of what goes into this flavorful concoction:

  • Pineapple – Crushed pineapple is the base of the sauce which gives it a tropical juice and chunks for texture.
  • Tomato Paste – Balances out the sweetness with some umami flavor and also gives the sauce a thick consistency.
  • Soy Sauce – Adds a touch of savoriness while also giving it the right color and shine.
  • Brown Sugar – Enhances caramelized flavors with just enough sugar to make sure it isn’t overwhelmingly sweet.
  • White Wine Vinegar – Brings acidity to cut through richness
  • Ginger – A hefty amount of ginger gives this sauce its kick and warmth. Perfectly pairing with those sweet and sour notes.
  • Garlic – Works as an aromatic backbone tying everything together


While there might be added mystery spices or maybe even other secret ingredients in there, these core elements give us insight on why this sauce tastes so good. Mixing together all these different types of sweet and sour create such an amazing balance. This sets the perfect stage for when you put toppings and cheese on your hot pizza, creating a magical experience!

Round Table Sauces Fan Favorite Chart

Why people are obsessed

Why People Are Obsessed with Round Table's Polynesian Sauce

The sauce's one-of-a-kind flavor profile is unlike anything else on the market.
Nostalgic Appeal
It evokes childhood memories for many, reminiscent of simpler times.
Complex Flavor
The sauce features a blend of sweet, sour, and savory notes, offering a rich tasting experience.
Its perfect balance of flavors keeps fans coming back for more.
It can be used in various ways, making it a go-to sauce for different dishes.

Round Table Pizza’s polynesian sauce creates an obsession because it’s just too good! People say that once you try it you’re hooked forever! But why is that? Well here are some reasons why people can’t get enough of it:

  • It’s Unique – There’s nothing like this sauce out there, it stands in its own class. Even though you can’t place your finger on what the taste reminds you of, it’s because it doesn’t remind you of anything else! From the tangy sweetness to the ginger and garlic, this sauce has a one-of-a-kind flavor.
  • It brings back memories – For those who grew up eating Round Table Pizza, as soon as they get that first bite with polynesian sauce they’re taken back to their childhood. It feels like a simpler time when all that mattered was that amazing pizza at all your birthday parties and family outings.
  • It has a complex flavor profile – Just one taste won’t be enough for you to get every note from this sauce. It might have a signature taste but there are so many flavors mixed into it. The spice of ginger right next to the smell of garlic gives people an experience unlike any other.
  • It’s Addictive – What is it about this combination of ingredients that makes people keep wanting more? It’s hard to say what’s so special but once you start, there’s no stopping. Both sweet and sour notes hit just right inside your mouth making sure you take another bite right after finishing one!
  • Extremely Versatile – You can use it however you want. It’s an all-purpose sauce.

Can You Make It At Home?

Round Table's Pizza

People have tried making their own versions of Round Table Pizza’s polynesian sauce at home and also share their recipes online. But no one knows if they are accurate or not because we don’t know what the recipe consists of.

You could try to Guess some missing Secret ingredients like Worcestershire sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil or spices such as cinnamon and allspice but then again who knows.

Here is a recipe found online that someone claims will get you close:

  • 1- 6 oz can pineapple juice
  • 1/2 cup ketchup
  • 2 tsp soy sauce
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar


It doesn’t sound like it would be that hard to make. Especially since these are regular ingredients; nothing too out of the ordinary.

Round Table definitely makes their own batches in semi-truck sized vats of pineapple,tomato paste, ginger, soy sauce, garlic,vinegar and brown sugar. They also probably make it using computer controlled mixing so they have perfect replication every single time which makes everything much easier and faster.

But let me remind you this has not been confirmed. This is only speculation from what we believe because there is no way to find out unless you’re an insider!

Once the large batches of sauce are created at the manufacturing facility, they are packaged into sterile bottles and immediately refrigerated. The bottled sauce is then carefully shipped to every Round Table Pizza location, where it is stored chilled until use. On the restaurant line, workers simply open the bottles and ladle the pre-made sauce onto pizzas. This “last mile” method allows every location to serve up fresh, authentic sauce using the original recipe.

The bottled sauce also enables Round Table to tightly control inventory and monitor sauce age. Bottles are marked with best by dates based on shelf life testing. This ensures no old or spoiled sauce is ever used. Any expired sauce is promptly removed and replaced with fresh batches.

Thanks to this meticulous centralized process and quality-controlled distribution, Round Table can credibly make the claim their sauce tastes identical no matter what restaurant you visit. Fans appreciate knowing they’ll always experience the authentic flavor they’ve loved for years.

Pairing Round Table’s Sauces with Toppings

Round Table's Pizza

While the polynesian sauce is the undisputed star, Round Table Pizza offers a full range of signature sauces to pair with different toppings and customize your pizza. Here’s a guide to pairing Round Table’s sauces with complementary ingredients:

  • Marinara Sauce – The classic tangy tomato sauce is best enjoyed with traditional meat toppings like pepperoni, sausage, ground beef or ham. It also pairs well with peppers, onions, mushrooms and black olives.
  • BBQ Sauce – Sweet and smoky barbecue sauce is fantastic with chicken, smoked ham, bacon, onions and pineapple. It adds fun, bold flavor.
  • Garlic Parmesan Sauce – This creamy white sauce is ideal with artichoke hearts, tomatoes, bacon, spinach and broccoli. It makes a great base for vegetarian pizzas.
  • Pesto Sauce – The herbaceous green pesto shines when matched with chicken, sun-dried tomatoes , goat cheese and roasted red peppers . It adds a fresh flavor pop.
  • Polynesian Sauce – Of course, sweet and tangy polynesian sauce pairs perfectly with canadian bacon and pineapple. But it also complements pepperoni, ham, chicken and jalapenos for a hint of heat.


The next time you visit Round Table, think about sauce and topping combinations that suit your tastes. The polynesian sauce might be the long-standing star, but all of Round Table’s signature sauces have something unique to offer.

Bringing the Taste of Round Table Home

While dining in at a Round Table restaurant is always a treat, sometimes you want to enjoy their signature pizzas and sauces from the comfort of home. Round Table makes this easy by offering online ordering for takeout and delivery. You can get your favorite piping hot pizzas along with wings, pastas, salads and more brought right to your door.

Another option is to purchase Round Table’s sauces at select grocery store locations in California, Oregon , Washington and Nevada . Look for their signature polynesian sauce along with other customer favorites like garlic parmesan and bbq sauce. With a fridge full of Round Table’s sauces , you can now create their iconic flavor combinations in your own kitchen.

Picking up a Round Table-style meal is simple, just grab a take and bake pizza, add some ready-to-eat wings and a bottle of polynesian sauce. You’ll get to enjoy their sauces without leaving the house.

The restaurant also has a line of retail food products online for fans. This includes signature sauce bottles, crust seasoning, olive oil, pizza dough balls and more. With the right ingredients and effort you can even make Round Table inspired creations whenever those cravings hits.

Round Table Polynesian Sauce - More Than 60 Years of Fans Can’t Be Wrong

Today there are so many pizza chains and takeout options to choose from. However Round Table Pizza remains unique with its iconic polynesian sauce. The sweet flavor that fans have come to love has been around for over 60 years. While the recipe stays secret, we know it contains high-quality ingredients like pineapple, spices, soy and vinegar.

This must-try sauce brings back childhood memories and countless people have tried recreating it at home. But most agree that nothing else compares to the real thing. There is simply no other sauce like real Round Table Pizza polynesian sauce.

Wrapping Up

So next time you want an edible nostalgia trip along with comfort food go find your nearest Round Table Pizza location. After you grab your slice slathered in that one-of-a-kind polynesian sauce, take a bite and let those flavors bring you back in time. Just be warned – you might become as addicted as all the other fans who have been enjoying it for decades on end. When it comes to polynesian pizza sauce, Round Table has undoubtedly perfected the recipe for success.

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